Extreme Marine Habitat Blogs

Extreme Marine Habitats are a series of blogs on different seabed habitats made by ocean science students at Bangor University. They cover a range of specific marine related topics including hydrothermal vents, corals, deep-sea sleeper sharks, bioluminescence in deep-sea jellyfish and much more. Students can gain experience of science blogging  as well as communicate their science during their university courses. A complete list can be found at the Extreme Marine Habitats Blogs page.  I have had a look at a couple of the blogs including:

musselsExploring Deep Sea Mussels (Mytilidae: Bathymodiolus) at Hydrothermal Vents

This blog concentrates on the type of mussels which are found at hydrothermal vents. It discusses the hydrothermal vent environment, mussel anatomy and larval development. A great read!

VampireSquidVampire Squid– An in depth review of the vampire squid.

A blog specifically focusing on Vampyroteuthis infernalis– the “vampire squid from hell,” covering the morphology, adaptations, bioluminescence and pollution.

diatomThe Secret Life of Arctic Diatoms

 This blog is about diatoms- a microalgae plankton, specifically found in the Arctic. The blog discusses how the siliceous diatom frustules can be used as an indicator of environmental change.

coral Cold-Water Corals…

This blog focuses on the cold-water coral, Lophelia pertusa– one of my favorite Extreme Marine blogs. A great place to visit for referenced facts about cold water corals. Out of sight but no longer out of mind!
tropicalcoralsThe Wonderful World Of Tropical Corals

This blog is about the tropical coral reef ecosystem and the effect of rising temperatures and whether the reefs will be able to survive. I think a topic we need to cover more on this blog!

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