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Welcome to Seabed Habitats- The newest blog about everything to do with marine habitats.The marine realm is such a dynamic system and is very much an “unexplored wilderness.” Being a relatively new science (with most sub-disciplines being only 50-120 years old), a lot of work is being done to gain a thorough understanding. With technological advances happening rapidly, there are always new methods to try out and new equipment to test. With research being so interdisciplinary in nature, spanning a range of areas such as marine ecology, marine geology, coastal processes, geophysics, oceanography, hydrography, remote sensing, surveying, GIS.. This blog attempts to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the field. From new research ideas to images to the latest technology- all can be discussed here.


Since starting this blog, I have discovered a whole range of interesting marine-related blogs! Having a “blogroll” is a key way of staying aware of what is going on in the blogging world. So rather than the text-heavy lists, check out this amazing tag cloud blogroll. Personally I think it is a much more interesting way to present lists of sites! Additionally, if you have a marine-related blog and would like to appear on this blogroll, please do not hesitate to leave a comment to this post..


Seals of Donna nook

A friend of my aunt’s (Karen) recently visited Donna Nook where grey seals and has shared some of her photos.

Blakeney point is another place where seals haul out most times of the year and where seal pups can be found in the winter. A beautiful location and  really worth visiting. A short boat trip needs to be made to see the seals. Will dig out the photos for part II.