Infomar Mapping

The INFOMAR programme is a joint venture between the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Irish Marine Institute and is the successor to the Irish National Seabed Survey. Covering some 125,000 km² of Ireland’s most productive and commercially valuable inshore waters, INFOMAR will produce integrated mapping products covering the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed.

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The 2013 Annual INFOMAR Seminar will take place in the Pavilion on October 09 -10th at University College Limerick, Ireland. The seminar will include an update on Ireland’s national seabed mapping programme including survey operations and coverage, future plans, associated research along with poster sessions. Organised by the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute, the seminar is free and open to all, with registration possible at the following link. Examples of research funded by INFOMAR can be found at this link, with INFOMAR data available here.

MAREANO – revealing the secrets of the seabed

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats and biotopes as well as pollution in the seabed in Norwegian coastal and offshore areas. The Programme aims to provide answers to questions such as:

How is the seascape of the Norwegian continental shelf?

What does the seabed consist of?

How is the biodiversity distributed on the seabed?

How are habitats and biotopes distributed on the seabed?

What is the relationship between the physical environment, biodiversity and biological resources?

How much contaminants are stored in the bottom sediments?

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