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                                                        Marine Science Book Club: For a while I have had this idea to start doing a marine science book club as part of this blog. Inspiration came from our local book shop in Galway and I am a member of the Travel Writing book club. Over the break, I was visiting my family and ended up visiting Waterstones quite a lot! So I had a big pile of popular science books waiting to be read- some of which I have read, some I haven’t. However after attending Charlie Byrne’s travel writing book club I thought, every two months we can look at a popular marine science book and read it and then report back thoughts on this blog.

Here are some books I was considering. I thought if there is sufficient interest we could start with: “What has nature ever done for us?” by UK Sustainability adviser and former director of of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper. Recently he gave a series of lectures in Ireland and his book examines the value of nature- both ecologically and economically. The book discusses everything from the decline of vultures in India to coccolithophores and ocean acidification. Tony Juniper recently gave a talk at the Ryan Institute. Suggestions are Welcome!






A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Recommendations of some other ideas are dotted around on this blog including:

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