Welcome to Seabed Habitats- The newest blog about everything to do with marine habitats.The marine realm is such a dynamic system and is very much an “unexplored wilderness.” Being a relatively new science (with most sub-disciplines being only 50-120 years old), a lot of work is being done to gain a thorough understanding. With technological advances happening rapidly, there are always new methods to try out and new equipment to test. With research being so interdisciplinary in nature, spanning a range of areas such as marine ecology, marine geology, coastal processes, geophysics, oceanography, hydrography, remote sensing, surveying, GIS.. This blog attempts to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the field. From new research ideas to images to the latest technology- all can be discussed here.

Please feel free to send your suggestions by adding a comment or taking part in our poll below.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Poll update:

    With rock shores and extreme environments neck and neck fighting for second place… maerl habitats are clearly in the lead (Certainly a family favourite…)

    Come on new visitors- give us a quick vote!

  2. Great blog! Really interesting and I vote for having a way to navigate the posts, something in the sidebar like “archives” or a “recent posts” list, even though it is really fun to dive down your home page (!).
    Also some kind of “homepage” tab, or a link to it in the sidebar–I have a wordpress.com blog myself so I know I can click on the header to get to the homepage, but others might not know that.
    I really shouldn’t have voted in your poll because I’m equally ignorant about/ interested in all the categories, am more of a landlubber (desert ecosystems) myself…Anyway, voted for “extreme environments” since that’s what deserts are, but all the categories sound fascinating.

    On a selfish note: Can I ask how/ where I could obtain such a fun blogroll???
    Congratulations, and good luck with your blog. I

    1. Thanks a lot for your positive comments and suggestions- very helpful! I will add a recent posts list to my sidebar. It is great that you voted in the poll! I think I may have a post topic which is actually loosely relevant to deserts, so watch this space!!

      The blogroll was really fun to do! Also if you can find the “Contact Us” page, there is another fun tag cloud (slightly off-topic). I created them using Tagul– a really great tool used to generate tag clouds (it is a beta version currently free after registering). You can do lots of great things with it! I also used the gigya short code to embed it into this wp.com blog:

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