Michael and the Peppermints

This year at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival, the 2014 People’s Choice award went to “Michael and the Peppermints” created by Michael and Chelsey Crandall starring Michael Dickson. Ocypode Productions presents a profile of University of Florida Graduate Student Michael Dickson. This short documentary takes a look at Michael’s work, both in the field and in the lab, as he conducts scientific research into the ecology and population structure of peppermint shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. A poster of the Beneath the Waves film festival can be found at the artist’s following  link. The team also have a new paper out discussing the impact of film-making and film festivals in disseminating scientific research, complimenting scientific meetings. Their mission is to:

The mission of Beneath the Waves, Inc. and the Beneath the Waves Film Festival is to raise public awareness with regards to ocean conservation and marine science through the use of visual and digital media such as videos. We also seek to promote science communication and scientific literacy by encouraging and inspiring scientists, ocean enthusiasts, and members of the general public to produce, promote and communicate research and conservation through open-access, engaging short films.

Beneath the Waves


Staaterman et. al. 2014, Lights, camera, science: The utility and growing popularity of film festivals at scientific meetings, Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, Volume 7 Number 1.

The Beneath the Waves Film Festival website

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