MAREANO – revealing the secrets of the seabed

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats and biotopes as well as pollution in the seabed in Norwegian coastal and offshore areas. The Programme aims to provide answers to questions such as:

How is the seascape of the Norwegian continental shelf?

What does the seabed consist of?

How is the biodiversity distributed on the seabed?

How are habitats and biotopes distributed on the seabed?

What is the relationship between the physical environment, biodiversity and biological resources?

How much contaminants are stored in the bottom sediments?

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Changing Oceans Expedition

The Changing Oceans Cruise is a 35 day scientific expedition, departing from Glasgow on the 17th May 2012. Led by Professor Murray Roberts, the mission is to examine the potential impact of changes in the temperature and chemistry of the oceans on cold-water coral reefs and the associated reef-creatures. Using a remotely-operated vehicle ROV, we will survey and sample the deep water coral communities. We will also use a vast array of scientific equipment to study the biology, chemistry and physics of cold-water coral sites, as well as conducting onboard experiments.

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Check out this amazing cruise blog at Changing Oceans. Especially interesting are the Equipment and Sea Creatures Sections. Sorry about the absence from blogging in the last month or so; have been busy with work. Still, have got a few potential posts lined up for next month and am considering becoming a filmmaker…